Alappuzha Travel guide

Alappuzha is known as Venice of the East. It is a place of backwater and sea. A small town surrounded by Arabian sea and backwaters. Alappuzha beach is one of the best beach to swim. Its waves will definitely make you happy. Another attraction is backwater cruise. We call it as Kettu-Vallam. It is a wooden boat with bedrooms, living area and kitchen. You can hire it for either day cruise or for overnight stay.

Here are some practical suggestions:-

If you rent a houseboat, please book with some reputed companies. You can find many unauthorized local booking agents, But it is better to try with a reputed travel agency.

If you stay in a nearby hotel, it is better for you to book day-cruise. But you must discuss with them how many hours will be the cruise trip and how many hours the boat runs! (it is a practice for them to station the boat for a long time for breakfast and lunch to reduce the fuel consumption). So please discuss it before your booking to avoid the inconvenience.

Give your food choice while booking. If you do not like spicy foods, please inform them before preparing your food (Indian foods are mostly spicy!).

If you wish to go to the beach, around 3pm is good time. You can see a wonderful sunset and enjoy swimming. But be careful of the waves!

The fish 'Karimeen' (green chromide - pearlspot cichlid) is known as the State Fish of Kerala. Do not forget to taste it before you leave.

Please book your room before you arrival.

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