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Bekal is a small town on northern coast of Kerala where you will discover a giant keyhole-shaped fort (Citadel). History and legend are interwoven together in Bekal. The 300 year old Bekal Fort is largest and best-preserved citadel in Kerala which faces to the Arabian Sea.

This fort was constructed in 1650 CE. You can see the beauty of the Fort as well as the waves of the sea. The fort is well maintained with a wide beautiful garden. This imposing circular structure of laterite sites rises 130 feet above sea level and stands on a 35 acre headland that runs into the Arabian Sea. The fort walls are built to the edge of the beach. The Arabian Sea looks amazing from the view point.

This fort was built for fulfilling the defense requirements in medieval technology of defense strategy. So unlike most other Indian Forts, Bekal Fort was not a center of administration, and was not the part of any palace. The holes at the top are for targeting the enemy when they are far; the holes in the middle meant for hitting when the enemy is nearer and the holes underneath for attacking when the enemy is very near to the citadel.

Bekal Fort
Bekal Fort

The unique Bekal Fort stands amidst the roaming but heartening music of the seas along with the eternal not of the unending waves, carrying the trilling memories of a bygone era. This foremost souvenir remains undeterred over the ages as a silent witness to centuries of eventful yesteryears.

There is a beautiful walk way for the visiting tourists to see the beauty of the coastal line and to enjoy the panoramic view of the Bekal Fort. The beach is illuminated during the evening so that tourists can more spend time at the beach even after the sunset.

This Beach and the citadel are beautified and maintained by Bekal Resorts Development Corporation Ltd (BRDC) which is under Government of Kerala. Bekal Fort is a favorite and famous place for movie and album shooting.

Bekal Fort
Old walls of Bekal Fort

The fort is spread over 40 acres of land on the coast of the Arabian Sea. The fort is built with Redstone’s. Almost all the portions of the fort are surrounded by the sea. There is huge fortress are there near to the coast and It is often strengthened by the ramparts. Other attractions of Bekal fort include the watchtowers and tunnels underground. Inside the fort, there are many holes and the sea can be seen from those holes but those looking from the sea cannot be able to see this. Which was very helpful to see ships coming from far away for soldiers. The observatory tower with a 24 meters circumference and 9 meters high in the center of the fort has to be specially referenced. The entry point of this watchtower was designed to bring the weapons to the fort.

Bekal is 140 kilometers away from Calicut International airport and just 15 hours from Mumbai through Konkan railway. For those coming on the train, some trains have stop in Bekal Fort and other way travelers have to get down in Kasaragod or Kanjagadu.

Bekal Fort beach
Bekal Fort Beach

The Bekal Fort is located on the Kasaragod - Kanhagad National Highway. Distance from Kasaragod to Bekal Fort is about 14 kilometers and from Kanhagad it is 12 kilometers away. Buses are available every 30 minutes from Kanhagad.

At least four hours needed to visit the entire fort. To visit the most protected forts of Kerala, travelers required to take an entry pass of five Rupees from the entry gate.

Bekal Fort
View from the top of Bekal Fort

For stay, 5 Star hotels and normal hotels are available at nearby places of Bekal fort and Palakkunnu and Kanjagadu. Places to visit near Bekkal fort are Pallikkara Beach, Kappil Beach, and Chandragiri Fort. Bekkal Fort is a must visit place for every traveler at least once. Bekal offer you a totally different holiday experience.

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