Kerala is one of the smallest state in India. Population is around 35 million. Agriculture is the major business. Tea, Coffee, Coconut, Rice, Rubber, Pepper, Banana, etc. are the major crops. We have different types of weather throughout the year. June to September raining (sometimes heavy raining) October to February Spring, and March to May Summer season. The four months of raining makes Kerala more productive land for the crops.

Geographical details

Kerala land area is around 15005 square miles. Kerala's coastal length 361 miles, while the state itself varies between 22–75 miles in width. Eastern side of Kerala is mostly occupied by hills and mountains. The elevation of some hills are up to 2500 meters from the sea level. Most of our rivers originate from those hills.


Kerala have a good culture from the ancient days. We have many folk arts and martial arts. Also we have our own Movie Industry. Kerala have many temples and Churches and many art forms are connected with the beliefs.


Kerala has been ruling by political parties Indian National Congress (with their allies) and Communist Party of India Marxist (and their allies) alternatively.


Kerala has a good history of religious harmony. Hindus, Christian and Muslims live here peacefully. You cannot find religious discrimination is Kerala.


We have state government lead by Kerala Chief Minister and the council of ministers who are elected by the citizens. Also we have a State Governor appointed by the Government of India . Kerala is divided as districts (14 districts) and each district has a Collector and multi-layered elected bodies.

Public Safety

We have a well-established Police called Kerala Police.


Sad to say that our roads are very narrow. But we have a huge road network which gives advantage of selecting the fastest routes. We have three international airports and fourth one is under construction. We have a leading seaport at Kochi. Also as the part of Indian railway, we have a good railway network. You can travel throughout Kerala by public buses owned by either government or private.