Kerala is a wonderful tourist place in India

Kerala - Gods Own Country. Kerala nature looks as green as Kashmir with comforting weather with a long seashore. Many international agencies acknowledged Kerala as a Must-See Places in Your Lifetime. The beauty of Kerala cannot be explained by words. It can be shown through photos, so kindly visit our gallery page. It sounds nice saying Kerala is the best honeymoon destination in India.

What is the best time to visit Kerala?

Usually before choosing your tour destination, first question comes is what the best time to visit Kerala. Best answer is- Kerala is an all year tourist destination for International and domestic tourists. Our tourist flow confirms that truth. Because of the geographical properties, Kerala has humid equatorial tropic weather. Each season will get you to some unforgettable experience.

Tourist flow in Kerala reaches its peak from September to March. The temperature ranges from 20 ° Celsius (68 ° F) to 34° Celsius (93.2° F) in the coastal areas and 5° Celsius (41° F) to 25° Celsius (77° F) in the hillside destinations. There will be less raining during this season, so no hindrance to your outdoor activities such as sightseeing, trekking, cycling etc.

If you are an international tourist, we will not advise you to visit during April and May (peak summer season) and June and July (heavy raining). But if you travel during this season, please make sure that your accommodation is well Air conditioned. August is the month dedicated to the nature photographers! The sunny days soon after the raining, makes the nature very greenery and full of flowers, which make your photographs amazing. During this season hotels and tours are economical compared to the high traffic season so you can find cost effective trips.

Kerala tourist destinations can be classified as two- Coastal and Hillside.

Kerala Coastal tourist destinations:-

Major towns in Kerala are located in the coastal areas. Kerala is blessed with many sandy beaches and backwaters (lakes). You can enjoy beach swimming and sun bathing here. Trivandrum, Kovalam, Alappuzha, Kochi, Bekal are located in the coastal area, and Kumarakom is located in the lakeshore.

Kerala Hillside tourist destinations:-

Kerala has a long range of hills which borders the eastern side. Those green hillsides are well inhabited. There are several dams located here; those give the electric power to the entire Kerala. Major Kerala hillside locations are Munnar, Vagamon, Wayanad, Thekkady, Nelliyampathy, Athirapaly etc. If you visit these places during the rainy season, you can see numerous waterfalls (see many during your travel from one destination to another).

Kerala hills are well known of the variety and quality of spices. Tea gardens, Coffee plantations, Cardamom hills are very common here. You can taste factory fresh tea when you visit Munnar.

What are the best tourist places in Kerala?

It is really difficult to answer. But Munnar, Alappuzha, Kumarakom, Kochi, Kovalam are the top tourist destinations as per ranking. There are hundreds of other destinations to explore and some more places need to be opened for tourists.

What about Language, dressing and social life in Kerala?

The regional language is Malayalam. But in tourist places most of the sellers, guides, and drivers know English, Hindi, French, and Spanish.

Nudity is punishable as per the law. Kerala people usually wear moderate dress. Men wear Dhoti, Trousers, shirt, Polo-shirts or similar kind and women usually wear Saree, Salvar and few wear Jeans, T-shirts and Kurtis. So for the tourists any moderate dresses are acceptable. But kindly avoid Bikini style dressing, even though are not very conservative in dressing. But we recommend you to try Kerala traditional dress at least once in your life.

Festivals in Kerala

Kerala has a long history of festivals. Thissur Pooram is the biggest festival In Kerala. It is considered as one of the greatest gathering in Asia and has an important place in Tourism map of India, as tourists will definitely enjoy the beauty and traditions of this Pooram. Rail, Bus and air connectivity is also excellent in Thrissur and that attracts many foreign tourists to this greatest event on earth. Fireworks are an essential part of almost all events in Kerala .But in Thrissur Pooram, the fireworks are distinct in character, performance, excellence and magnitude.

Backwater Snake-boat race is another attraction and Nehru Trophy boat race is the biggest event which happens second Saturday of August each year. The 100–120 feet long canoes made of a wood carrying 90- 110 rowers which moves like a snake through the lake, is an eye catching sight for any tourist. The Snake Boat (Chundan Vallam) also has the record as "the biggest water vessel used for sports purpose". wishes you a wonderful time in Kerala.